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Sold Lightspace Corporation Play Wall With Kiosk As New Condition!


Lightspace Corporation Play Wall offers pre-programmed upper body fitness workout games, educational activities and effective audio-video lightshows with exciting games like ‘Splot’ where each player has a section of the wall and the players compete to cover their section of wall first by hitting the pressure sensitive LED tiles. Or ‘Smash ball’ where each player has a colour target they must smash with either their hand or a prop, whenever it appears. In ‘Direct hit’ there is a central coloured target, when your colour appears you must throw a prop into it to score points, this is an ideal game to play in relay teams and has been used for professional sports training in football clubs.


Combines the latest in interactive technology with software-controlled content to provide hours of fun and exercise for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by multiple participants simultaneously. The Lightspace Play Wall creates an engaging experience that will draw young children, teenagers and adults to activities that will excite, entertain and keeping them fit.

The Lightspace Play Wall comes with 6 games pre-installed. Geared toward players of varying ages and skill levels, each game, whether single player or multiplayer, offers unique challenges and exciting game play. Games include everything from throwing balls at moving targets to cardio workouts where players follow and activate different points on the surface. All games have scoring systems that give users instant feedback with individual goals to achieve.

The Lightspace Play Wall includes an interactive surface made up of LED-lit and pressure-sensitive tiles constructed to fit an 8' x 4' footprint. Each tile is 16? x 16? and 2-1/2? thick.

The tiles the location, movement and force of participants or objects, creating a realistic gaming experience with instant feedback displayed on the surface or through sound effects.

Lit using surface mounted LEDs, the individual pixels have a long life expectancy and are very energy efficient.

Recommended Ages: 6 years and up
Project / Assembly Time: 360 min
Ships Direct from Warehouse
Shipping Weight: 500.00 lbs
The Active Wall creates an environment where the side effect to a fun time is being active. Children, who are disengaged from traditional sports and activities, participate in a full body workout and can improve the following:

Co-ordination and agility
Listening skills
Spatial awareness
Visual and auditory sense
Cardiovascular stamina
Vestibule sense
Concentration focus
Games start at 20p per player per game or freeplay.
Comes with three games.

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